Here at Neanderthal Bard, we understand there are many forms of performance and no one likes each and every type. We want everyone to have a stage, whether your work is visually displayed or written on the page. We want to share everything with everyone, from haiku’s to new venues, we wont exclude you or leave you unshared, at Neanderthal Bard, we really do care. We want you to see what event’s on and when, a voice for all poets and not just our friends.


Neanderthal Bard is Stefan Gambrell, Poet, Spoken Word Artist and Writer. Able to cut right to the heart of even the hardest matter, Stefan mixes dense rhymes with a conventional vocabulary, revealing the beauty and pain of his subjects.

Host of a bi-monthly poetry event at the Turner Contemporary and Soul Food and Sonnets at Olby’s Soul Cafe in Margate, Regular citizen of the stage at showcases and slams, wordsmith behind the “;” EP and admin of “That Creative Thingy Wotsit On-line Slam” on Facebook, an open online slam with a monthly cash price.